Made of Clay

The story of a jewel  from clay!

The pottery found in Greece 6000 BC  and the tradition passed down from generation to generation. The ancient Greeks  mainly manufactured vessels and other utilitarian objects.

Over the years the art of clay evolved and made their appearance in ceramic jewellery.

Here starts my story!

The material is clay, ie soil (clay) and water. When one of the most humble materials utilized properly transformed into something valuable and unique!

My creator takes a shapeless mass of clay and begins to work with her fingers to remove the excess air, as with pastry. Then she begins  to give shape, volume and form. And there is the creation, a jewel of clay. A unique piece of ceramic jewellery!

Of course until I get to my final format and adorn a pretty neck or hand it  will go through several stages.

For starters wait some days until any moisture disappears and then I go into the kiln for 5-6 hours at temperaturesof around 800 to 900  °C to become durable. After regaining the hands of my creator which will give me the colour she wants  using various glazes and then  back into the kiln this time for 7-9 hours at evenhigher temperatures to get my final version.

After this creative journey I'm ready and waiting for the one, the only person for whom I was made!


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