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Creativity is a way of Expression

My name is Olga Sopasi, I was born in Athens and grew up in Kalamata. We can say that I was born into the ceramic art. My mother (Maria Kantzilieri - Sopasi) is a DSCN4050ceramist and had for many years her own workshop in Athens. So my first games were with clay. Although i did not follow from the beginning of my professional career the ceramic art, it had always been beside me, alongside my studies (Technologist- Agronomist in the Higher Technological Institute of Kalamata).

So I was introduced to ceramic art from my mother at an early age and attended painting classes, pottery in Creative Workshops in the Municipality of Kalamata. In recent years, i have attended seminars in the art of clay by ceramist Elias Christopoulos and silversmithing courses. My occupation in the workshop are ceramic jewellery and small items and jewelry with other materials (leather, metal, etc.).

When I work I am inspired by everyday life influences from the natural environment. Earth, sky, sun, trees, sea, all these give me the inspiration to create. The detail that describes my job is simple lines that i borrowed from nature, with earthy colors, combined with clay, leather, wood and glass. Jewel is individually made for a unique person, and there is no greater satisfaction for an artist when these two meet!!!

What we offer



Every jewellery is unique, due to the fact that they are handmade and from a specific material ( clay gives diversity in colours depending from the temperatures that it's heated).



The excellent selection of materials, contributes to the eternalness of the jewellery.


Affordable prices

The uniqueness and the quality of the jewellery, come at affordable prices!


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